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We are now living in Fiskdale, Massachusetts.
According to Sturbridge A Pictorial History by Brian Burns, © 1988, "... the economic depression called the Panic of 1857 shut down the Sturbridge Cotton Mills for about a year. Upon reopening, the corporate structure was changed. James C. Fisk of Cambridge became treasurer, and over the next twenty-five years dominated the village called Fiskdale. (That the unrelated Fiske and Fisk families should have such influence over "Fiskdale" is a curious coincidence. As early as the 1830's Fiskdale - not "Fiskedale" - was in common usage.)"

Fiskdale is part of Sturbridge. 
Photo of Sturbridge, Massachusetts

We lived in Oregon for more than a dozen years.
This is how we learned to pronounce it - - the audio comes from reference.com

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